enhanced my understanding of this culture. I first visited a nudist resort three years ago with

a group of friends who invited nude kids to participate in the annual, ”Challenge to go Bare,” run/walk,
at Lake Como. At first I thought they were kidding but when it occurred to me that they
weren;t, I told them that I ‘d have to consider it and get back to them. A few weeks
passed and there was no reference of the naked run. I really thought I was off the hook! Little did I
know, my friends had planned all along to spring it on me again, while doing the Clearwater
Yearly Sun and Fun run/walk Not only that, but I had to let them know right then and
there, if I was going to do it or not, as the occasion was the ve*ry next morning! Speak about
“peer pressure,” the next thing I knew, my friends were outside my doorstep raring to go!
We were not gone long when I started to feel somewhat apprehensive as various ideas began
Going through my mind, wondering what to anticipate. Though I have always been curious

about this lifestyle, I never believed I would ever be seeing a naturist resort. As our final
destination drew nearer, my anticipation grew more powerful.
Shortly we’d tum off the main highway and travel down a dirt road that would
eventually lead us deeper and deeper into the wilds. I kept saying to myself, okay, no

Difficulty, I can manage this. Suddenly, a man appeared motioning for us to roll down our
window. He handed us a notice, stating that disrobing in the parking lot is prohibited
Due to the adjoining non- nudist neighborhood, and to please wait until inside the resort
to remove our clothing. Promptly after reading that, I looked at my fiiend who was
driving, and simultaneously, we became white as ghosts. Then I said out loud, “I think I’m
going to be ill.” Meanwhile, the other two women, who were in the back seat began to
laugh uncontrollably. Then all of a sudden, one of them bursts out, “Look there is a nude .
Man!” At that moment I could not bring myself to look, nor could my fiiend who was
also feeling a little queasy by this time. We no earlier parked the car, when the two women in
the back, leaped out immediately, while me and my fiiend sat and contemplated if we could
bring ourselves to enter the resort. All of a sudden, a Mercedes pulls up next to us with a
Youthful couple indoors. They quickly leave their car and start taking their clothes off right there
and then. Shocked, as were my fiiends, I thought to myself, how ill-mannered, that they did not even
Trouble to admit the notice that was given to everyone who entered the parking lot.
They, of all folks, assuming that they were Naturists, should have known better. I figure
one could say that some people just do not believe they have to follow the rules. Shortly, virtually
every parking space was taken. As I watched folks getting out of their cars, I detected that
some of them came by themselves, in small groups, or as a couple. The typical age group


ranged from mid twenties to about late forties. After observing for awhile, my buddies and I
decided it was time to enter the resort.
Once inside, I found myself carefully gazing around for a moment, in an attempt to
get some form of feel, for this new environment. I promptly started noticing folks
socializing while naked. At first I felt awkward, and uneasy. Afterward, as I was trying to
process my feelings, a gentleman (a Naturist), motioned for me to come over to his table to
sign in for the event. Hesitantly, I carried on to make my way around to him. He greeted me
with a friendly grin, while complementing me on my Sun & Fun T -shirt. I stood and spoke
to him for awhile before returning to my buddies.
Since we’d time before the race started, my buddies and I determined to take a everyday
stroll through the resort. By this time, which was a relatively short time period, I noticed
that I was becoming more comfortable in this environment. We first encountered the pool
Region where numerous individuals were bare sunbathing, and skinny dipping. Away to the side was
a tiki bar named, “The Behind Hut.” I must confess I did find this quite amusing, the name that
is. Leaving the pool area and proceeding down the road a ways, we entered the residential
section where each house was nestled among a thick forest of trees, creating a natural
feeling. I discovered that most of the residents were older in this place, discovering that there
were very few children. The kids I did happen to see, were quite young, probably
between two and six years of age. They appeared really comfortable playing outside *in the
nude. Although this did not surprise me, as my own kids would have probably enjoyed
this also, ifl would have allowed for it. Next we ventured down to the lake where we came
upon a man made plage and resort area. My friends and I hung out here for awhile, until it
was time for our race to start.

As we lined up for the race, I started casually glancing around to see if any other

people were wearing clothing. To my surprise, there were a few women going partially bare,