As the 1983 TNS-commissioned for all folks, unless there’s great reason

Gallup poll revealed, and as any naturist to guess that a person will cause
club operator can check, men are usually to the health and integrity of the
more comfortable trying out naturism for group, they should not be excluded
the first time than are girls. Anecdotal for being single. TNS’ Naturist Network
studies suggest that once individuals become Participating Agreement specifically says:
“It’s admitted that single male visitors
may be subject to a quota if Club deems
this ineluctable. If Club does limit the
Our son Sean who was conadmission of men without accompanyceived at Eastover, and who ing females according to a ‘quota’ system,
has attended the TNS Eastern this must be clearly released and reasonably
Naturists Gathering at Eastover managed…clubs or groups whose quota
each year since he was born, policies are so strict as to create a de facto
was given “Eastover” as his legal ejection of singles may be removed from
middle name. Upon news of the Network.”

Lee’s passing, it was explained
to Sean, the connection between himself and Lee, and he comprehend’s that if it weren’t for Lee
Baxandall’s tireless attempts with
his staff to bring his naturist flock
to Eastover, he would not bear
the middle name of Eastover

TNS has also directed other naturist (or
Naturist) organizations in its demand for
Approval of gays at naturist functions.
This doesn’t mean that TNS accepts public sexual behaviour from anyone in naturist
contexts like clubs or free seashores, as
some critics of the policy have suggested.
What it means is that it doesn’t matter to
TNS whether naturists are straight or homosexual;
and as long as a visitor at a naturist setting
Acts in a family-friendly manner, he or
she should be welcome.

The phrase “family-friendly” is chosen
carefully here, in lieu of the more commonly used “family-oriented.” TNS wishes
to encourage and be associated only with
naturist groups that provide an atmosphere
that would be suitable for families with
Kids (and grandparents) of a variety of
ages. The groups will not need to be oriented to
families to the extent that all activities must
be designed to attract the interests of
young children and their parents. No group
is likely to plan activities that are of interest

to families with children at all times. TNS
does request however, that its clubs and groups
demand etiquette, behavior, and actions
that would be comfortable for most families, should families be there. Some groups

Peter, Maureen, Sean E.

involved in social nudity, girls appreciate
it more and feel they derive more benefit
from it than men.19 However, in some cases
clubs and groups find themselves with
what looks like a sex imbalance of
men over women.

TNS will not accept this as sufficient to warrant organized refusal to singles

Lee was delighted to meet high school classmate Joy Ellen Ryan at a naturist gathering.

Spring 2009 | 45

No surprise….but no less a sense of , now that
he’s gone. Lee will always be my Renaissance
Man…………we just clicked when we comprehended
we were in NYC in the glory days of The Living
Theater. There was a time when he participated
in dressing me for the inevitable wrongful arrest;
he started the instruction of naturists to first know
their history and glean from case law every glimmer of light that could make our case.
His locating the Florida Supreme Court’s pronouncement that “only innocent nudity” ISN’T
indecent………gave birth to the movement in
Florida——just as we lost our network of clothingoptional beaches to the State park system.
He further found in that case that the State
Supreme Court saw that “nudity, when united
with another sort of protected speech may itself
be protected” gave foundation to Theatre on
the Beach started with our wearing of the Bill of
Rights and a string of plays which included nudity
as well as the naked peace sign.
Only because we two Living Theatre diehards came
together with a few good ACLU attorneys did we/Florida
Naturists successfully make our case not only in defense
of skinny-dippers wrongfully detained, but as we learned
from expertise, we set ourselves on the offensive and
successfully challenged the State to make their case and
most commonly they failed ————-even to enact a Fl legislative act
to criminalize just innocent nudity.
There is so much more……………… and now he is gone……..
I think of him always and always will and I understand, the way I
do the things I do are frequently as his pupil and frequently even
without his understanding, wanting to get him grin and be
proud of my activities and intent.
I adored him as the term Namaste’ defines…………the god in
me saw and was lucky to understand the god in him……
peace, hope & love

46 | Bare & Natural 28.3

Naturists have a lot to
be thankful for. Lee’s
vision and enthusiasm
molded us into a unit