It’s called a holiday “au

naturel,” using a French expression as a fig leaf to cover up its more common
name of nudism.
America is a deeply traditional state and some inhibitions take
time to cast off, but Americans are beginning to flock to beaches and state
parks reserved for nudists, notably at the luxury end of the marketplace. “Folks
are looking for a more comfortable way to spend ,” according to
Carolyn Hawkins, public relations coordinator for the American Association for
Nude Recreation (AANR). “They see visiting a fkk resort, they could travel
more and pack less.” The AANR estimates that and beaches for
those who soak up the sun “au naturel” bring in about 500 million dollars a year

now, against 200 million dollars in 1992.
“The interest has been growing over the last ten years,” said Carrie Schultz,
marketing director for the Caliente Resort, an upmarket naturist colony near Tampa
in southern Florida, which has about 300 apartments, bungalows and houses that
Price between 200,000 and 500,000 dollars.
“Folks who bought here used to go to the Caribbean to find naked facilities.
Upscale naked resorts did not exist in the US,” said Shultz.