Like we did, once they try naturism in its purest form, they feel the love, acceptance and openness of naturism. They experience its relaxing and healing power. The first layers of onion skin are peeled back and the inhibitions begin to melt away. They understand there’s more and in their stark nakedness they are disclosed as the basically sexual beings that they are.

Naturists are not asexual humanoid components. We’re amazing beings of raw sexuality and that is how we strike each other as nude brothers and sisters of ages and backgrounds. Underneath the layers of cloth we are all sexual beings by nature.
Many members of the naturist community gradually understand there’s considerably more to naturism than just being naked. It is about learning who they’re. They truly understand (many for the first time) that they are not just individuals who have sex – they learn they are sex and sexual beings. They begin to actually accept themselves, their bodies, their sexuality and the same in others. They’re able to break the silence. They can talk, find, learn, and grow. How refreshing!
Could it be that sex education is a place where the naturist community could improve? An area where we’re able to develop expertise beyond the occasionally inhibited world many non-nudists inhabit? In this context, sex-positive can be about confronting, detecting and educating about our bodies and our sexuality an experience lots of people have never encountered elsewhere. And deep down they hunger for this.
One of the finest examples I have seen of this was at the Northeast Naturist Fest at Empire Haven Nudist Park, in Moravia NY. For example, one of the seminars was about understanding our changing bodies. Models of ages stood before the class, and conversation ensued. Pointing out and observing changes in the body that occur throughout life. It truly is this sort of experience that opens people up to accept themselves even during those challenging times of life, illness and aging. People long for a safe area where their questions can be answered. A area where they can learn to accept their bodies also as their sexuality and because of this, they might even begin a renewed sexual experience at home with their partner because of this!
I will be going to suggest that in naturism we should have yet another assignment. Naturism isn’t only about health, rest and relaxation but may also be about reaching the non-nudie world. Through a community of openness, vulnerability, and power we might be able to break the cycle of sexual silence in a therapeutic manner. Instead of being so quick to always reply that we have been just about non sexual nudity, I propose we stop to listen. There are more profound demands. We can quiet non-nudist fears by reassuring folks we are not about having public sex and orgies, but we’re about being natural and sexual beings. We’re able and willing to freely and openly educate and talk about real fulfilling sexuality. We should be capable of talk about all the different aspects of sex and sexuality without inhibitions, fear or shame. We need to be able and willing to become in a place that the remaining world is embarrassed around or simply exploits for profit. In our nudity we are capable to demonstrate a manner of peace about our bodies and our sexuality because we accept them and adore them. Our message is that others can believe that heat of being at peace because we also accept and love them in their own full humanity and sexuality.
In the following blog I ‘ll delve deeper into some suggested theories and language for extending our comprehension and communicating of sexuality to the non-nudist world that will be looking to our example as a way to greater body acceptance and healthy sexuality.
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