“It is certainly indicative of Mental Illness when guys, who should be standing up for all that’s Right and True and Good and Beautiful and being Guardians of Children and Families and Healthy and Wholesome Spiritual Culture and Defenders of Liberty and Rebels against Tyranny (meaning we can count on them to do what’s RIGHT) become so self-immersed in their own narcissistic and weird internal life that spend all their days and hours obsessing over un-natural medical procedures designed to vandalize their own bodies and corrupt the line of ordering and design bestowed upon them as something special by Nature.

This really is drastically un-natural and rebellious against the Creator, who does NOT make make mistakes and gave us the present of WHO WE ARE. Bear in mind, the Spirit of God is meaning to indwell Human Temples for all of Eternity, so before you go for that “sex-change operation”, you may want to check with the God within you, because you’re not alone. It would be heartbreaking to grieve the Spirit of God by desecrating the Body Temple.
The mental illness is seriously increasing in this country- unless people get fearless, step up, stand up, speak out and proclaim the STANDARD OF NATURE over the puerile and self-destructive whims of people lacking actual reason and sense, expect to see more and more fall to the dark side as they stupidly emulate clearly mentally mentally ill individuals like the star-addicted and psychological trainwreck that’s Bruce Jenner.
This should help clarify things to those who are still confused:
“New” Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Holy Masculine
I understand what you are thinking-WTF? That was our answer, too. This was all posted, NOT to Bryson’s personal profile, but on and by the Evolvefest Facebook page itself. This means that we can only take it as the official stance of Evolvefest (an event that actually is pushed as a brand new era, accepting and open minded gathering).
It was clear from your ensuing comments that Evolvefest followers were horrified and upset by such judgmental, uninformed and transphobic remarks. The page saw a fall in “enjoys.”
A couple of the remarks:

– “Wow. So disappointed with the bigotry, rigid close-mindedness and hatefulness of the post. Not at all what I expected to see from these pages. Who are you to understand the thoughts of God? Who are you to judge someone’s path or choices as mentally ill? Does one know Bruce Jenner personally? How would you feel if your life and picks were on display for millions and everything you did was judged like this? This thing you posted isn’t the words of someone who is spiritually connected or evolved. Quite sad to read this post and many of the remarks.”
– “WE ALL are the creator and creation. I am sorry it doesn’t fit within your standpoint of the way the world works, but some folks desire to get even more creative with their own bodies If you desire liberty, then you must allow for others’ freedom as well. It is a shame to see you setting Evolvefest, and yourself out to be restricting others’ independence I ‘m disappointed in your position and attitude with which you defend it. I have defended you and agreed with you on a great many things But I cannot stand by you on this one, brother.”
– “Unfollowing this page because of this post. Just how can you promise to be any level of conscious and judge like this. This really is the sort of new age pretentious attitude that is certainly simply awful and lacking in any type of evolved thinking, compassion, and comprehension. How dare you.”
– “So much hate masked as issue. Dude needs to be a girl. Let him. Do not fake you understand about him or his reasons or the consequences. Let him be. Be loving. That is the evolve-fest we desire. Unconditional love. Not judgment.”
– “This is horrible. Who are you tell people they were intended to be? No one can interpret the will of God/Creator/Whoever someone believes in, because we’re human, and young nudist world to mistakes. The only thing a person can perform, is attempt to live their own truth, in a way which makes them happiest. And for fucks sake, if I discover that transgender is against nature yet another time, I’m throwing away my cell phone and moving into a cave. You will find creatures that are biologically programmed to switch between genders. That’s as natural as it gets.”
– “Unnatural.’ What, you mean like airplanes and medicine and living past 30? Who the fuck cares about what is natural’? And what type of hubris does it require to assume not only you know that there ‘s a creator, but also that you know said creator’s will?”
– “Just pure silliness, mixed with a pinch of anxiety-hate.”
– “This place makes me weep for mankind. Let the woman be a woman if she wants. It does not have any impact on your own life, yet posts like this one make it that much tougher for folks struggling with gender identity problems to be or become themselves. Let us spread love, not scoreless hate.”