Work Naked Day And A Nude Model Needed For A Movie Shoot

Joyful Work Naked Day from FKK!
Work Naked Day – Celebrating the joys of having a home office where there is no need for pumps or skirts or any clothing whatsoever ! What a wonderful theory. shares methods to enhance your independent company, offering the loose interpretation that “work naked” also means being free of the corporate life (But come on, that’s a stretch on “naked”). If you work at home, why not forgo the clothing? Particularly if you’ve been wearing a robe, which somehow seems more indolent than nudity would, no?
Also, Interesting Fact: A survey of women writers shown that 2% of them write in the nude! I wonder whether it brings more inspiration and enhances their writing.. [Source]
Nude Pre-Superbowl Party FKK
Today was such a tease of spring in Nyc. But all of US know it’s going to be awhile before we all get to run free in the bright outside again. (Unless global warming melts the planet this month.) So come join us this Sunday for our bare video shoot and jpg shoot, while eating potluck food in expectation of the Superbowl!! Yay!
Work Naked Day and Naked Model Mp4 Shoot
Sunday, February 5th at 1pm to 4pm.
In Long Island City ( provided only to those that sign up)
Casting Call!
Do you desire to be in a hilarious video imitating the textile-driven and showing the enjoyment of being a naturist?
We are seeking young nuddie volunteers to act in Felicity’s short movie job !
Of Ages 18-35
All shapes and sizes
No acting experience required. not demanded.
*Please also contact us if you might have expertise in editing or film and would like to help with this facet*
AND We are searching for bare models of ages (18 ), shapes, sizes and sexes to get naked and give cancer the finger for Bare Nude Bake Sale!
Bring make up if you want and any enjoyable accessories you enjoy. Photos will be a little photo shopped. (But not for the intent of turning you into a perfect extraterrestrial being.)
We know it is Superbowl Sunday, so it is also a naked pre-game Potluck Celebration!!
So please bring a snack or dish to share and come spend a entire joyful, naked Sunday day with us 🙂
To participate in either of these naked projects please RSVP with your name, gender, age, and phone number, and tell us if you want to be in the mp4, in a photo or both!
Please react fast, space is limited.
Hope you’re able to make it!!
FKK & BNakedB
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