I was blessed to attend the

memorial service. I needed to
Understand the man who, though
we never met, had a profound
impact on my life. My first exposure to social nudism was via
‘Clothed With The Sun’. After
the untimely death of my wife
3 years ago, I joined TNS and
have found great comfort, support and endorsement in the
community. This has been instrumental in my grief retrieval.
Lee’s work has given a voice to
my feelings when I didn’t know
how to express myself. Thank
you and God bless you all.
Fred Pings

I was saddened to hear of http://nudist-photo.com
of Lee Baxandall. For many generations, Mr.
Baxandall was instrumental in encouraging nudism, and opening up many venues for people to
learn about nudism. His successful attempts have
given all of us the skill to enjoy naturism as a
part of our lifestyle.
Regular at Desert Sun Resort, we get the privilege of looking at the “Lee Baxandall Bridge”,
which was dedicated, and named after Lee,
on February 13, 2003. This bridge proudly towers
over Indian Avenue and links the Desert
Sun Resort to the DSIII condominiums on the
other side of the road. We’ll constantly
look at this bridge with great appreciation
for all that Mr. Baxandall has done for the
naturist community. He’ll be missed quite
Elizabeth Young
Desert Sun Resort Palm Springs, California
40 | Nude & Natural 28.3

My remembrance of Lee is very simple. Without him I Had have
known NOTHING about the naturist movement. When I first
became interested (in 1988) I was able to find in the Kansas City
library just THREE posts that dealt with nudism and naked
recreation – two in a periodical called Parks and Recreation
and one in a magazine called Trailer Life.
One of these gave Lee’s name and The Naturist Society’s
address. Without this link I seriously doubt that I’d have
had the resources I needed to continue as an advocate. But
Lee made it clear from the beginning that I was not alone.
He also was very great at recruiting people. He answered all
of my early queries with terse, to-the-point opinions and, at
one point published in “N” a rambling essay I’d really thought
only for a local club newsletter. Like it or not, from that stage on
I was perpetrated (and solicited). The rest, for what it’s worth, is
I repent that Lee was not able to survive for a few more years.
With a more pragmatic and hospitable management in
Washington, I have the feeling that the quest for public access
and approval of nude recreation will make major gains.
Unquestionably, Lee’s enduring influence will have been (and
will continue to be) the most important catalyst.

Lee and Mark Orpen in profound conversation.

Dave Bitters

In the early days, Lee and I spent
Lots of time on the phone—no
E mail in those days. Long letters
as well—not all were set in
the file cabinet either. I do not have any here—long
We were both a couple of bottles of wine into the
after-dinner hour when we created the thought
of the first naturist whale watch which we did in
’83. That was the first year Lee moved the Eastern
Naturist Gathering from June to August in order to
accommodate the boating event.
http://videonudism.com/hot /NEF board at Empire Haven.

I was also helping to ease the Eastern Gathering
that year and couldn’t be in two places at the same time.
We did not always see eye to eye and had some heated dialogues – read volcanic – but
we always maintained our friendship and commitment to the cause of naturism.
In latter years we drifted apart as can occur over time, but that’s natural progress. He
will be missed. At the exact same time I believe everyone has faith in the leadership you’ve given us
in the ensuing years since he stepped down.
Springtime 2009 | 41

ing “Closed with the Sun” when “Clothed
with the Sun” was talked. Even after the
title was clarified, most folks however did not My sincere condolences to
Find the historical reference to the Home the family of Lee Baxandall
at this time of his passing. He

Second, although TNS acknowledged
made a great contribution
that changing names and logos is always a
risky move, it determined that a change would to many individuals who were
offer the opportunity to reinforce the better capable to tolerate thembiological value of social nudity by linking selves and their fellow individuals
the words “bare” and “natural.” The words because of what he did.
are impartial regarding issues peripheral to
naturism, and focus attention on two of
the core values of naturists: societal nudity
Jack Thro
and a sympathetic relationship to the natural environment.

The fresh name accurately downplayed
any misperception that nudism was fearful of evoking a sun-associated metaphor.
merely a sun-oriented activity. After all, (Note the similar and later change from
people can love naturism inside, in the the “American Sunbathing Association”
shade, or at nighttime; and with the mid-1980s to the “American Association for Nude