So this is what occurred. A nudist video that occurs at Deep Creek Hot Springs was released in our group, with the following opinion:

Hi Nudies:) Check out this new mp4 we made with go expert at deep creek!
The first round of comments were positive:
Amazing fun !!
Amazing experience.
Wow! What a lovely place to choose a hike and dunks!! Amazing movie. You can definitely get a sense of the fun the participants had while being there. Thanks for sharing!
Afterward the following comments seemed which opened the door for a actual erudite conversation:
Interesting how a mp4 generally concentrates on the women.
I believed the same, while it was enjoyable and interesting it did lack gender equilibrium. Which makes a couple of questions.
At this point, Felicity chimed in and said:
Felicity Jones: It is well-done (& we don’t see too many high-quality nudist videos like this), but there is definitely a focus on the women & a few pictures feel a little bit voyeuristic.
And the discussion continues:
Yeah, above and beyond a lack of gender balance, some of the shots seemed “cheeky” to me. They’re young so I give them the BOTD [benefit of the doubt]
Felicity Jones: It is a production company that made it. They might be new, but they are not young.
All this occurred in a matter if instants. It was at this point which I joined in:
Jordan Blum: I do not get the point. It’s nice quality but more of a voyeuristic approach when compared to a naturist one – focusing on breasts and vaginas and not revealing penises / focusing on men. That is what we expect from mainstream. Should not the naturist community raise the bar?
thanks for sharing this avi. Lots to appreciate: First off, looks like they all had a blast! Loved the place. & sound quality. Cinematography was great. The pans and zooms added so much more vibrance to the shots. I especially liked the declivitous pan at 1:37. Kudos to the editor for the dFKKmic pacing.
I enjoyed the flow of the story. Starting out with sunrise and waking up, plus chilling and socializing before the trek, was an excellent intro. It was fine to see the journey to the site and the interesting times after coming.
I was just a little surprised at the group boob flash and butt cheek flash, but not in a bad way. Occasionally we naturists are a little too serious about ourselves. It was lively and confident, not pornographic.

I trust that CFI continues to strive for this particular level of quality. I think videos in this way would be very good at bringing in a younger crowd to the world of nudism. My only criticism, nevertheless, is that as the clip progressed, I became increasingly disturbed by how much focus was on the women and not the guys. ( And this is coming from a heterosexual. ) Undoubtedly a deficiency of gender balance. I’m certain that your most positive feedback is going to be from male viewers, and suppose that many females will be turned-off by the woman crotch-pictures and boob zooms, coupled with the lack of male skin.
I’d strongly urge handing the cameras to females sometimes, and letting them record their appreciation of assured maleness. This clip demonstrated that such female taste can be a bit titillating without being pornography. ( If the producers are worried about turning off male viewers, the straightforward option is show full-frontal male nudity without zooming in on manhood. ) On the other hand, when nudists are struggling so hard to convince the public that nudism is not about sex(uality), videos with a Playboy flavor ( only nude females ) sorta defeat the purpose.
Overall, I enjoyed the mp4. I believe if future videos are more gender balanced, (even 60/40 female/male) they’ll be a excellent way to generate interest in the younger generation.
I saw the voyeuristic approach remark on the Vimeo movie and there was short frames of the member, but I do concur that that specific video did appear to avoid capturing the parts of men that’s generally covered, but had not a problem capturing the parts of the girls which can be normally covered.
I have seen other Vimeo videos though, that weren’t like that at all. Most naturist areas I attend additionally have kids, but videos of those locations seldom, if ever, show youngsters enjoying the sun.
Personally, I’d rather look at unclothed women than men or children, and so I loved the mp4 that Tom* shared with us. Thanks!!!.
It should show everyone having fun. I understand being unable to show naked kids but there is no reason behind a naturist mp4 to be focusing exclusively on girls just because some guys would rather see that or are uneasy looking at another dick. Okay so why are there a lot more women then men? Specially considering that naturism is a male dominant task????
Jordan Blum: You all rock! I thought the elements and technical aspects were all very well done.
We are a 365 day a year group Would be fine if it could have been about community.
And quite honestly I did not see anyone crying discrimination but just asking a question, I do not see a difficulty with that.
Jordan Blum: The greatest way to place it – we’re not the demographic.