It is Time for Naturist Clubs to Change Their Policies on Genital Jewelry

There’s an issue in the naturist world that has long been disturbing us as an organization that bases our principles on recognition. It’s the problem of naturist clubs and naturist resorts that bar entrance to people with body and genital jewelry.
FKK Addresses Body Jewelry & Piercings at Naturist Clubs
A couple of years ago, we discussed the issue of nipple piercings. My home club, Rock Lodge, had a rule against them, but they altered this policy not too long after we published the article. Now nipple piercings are enabled. We were extremely happy about that and felt the change was long overdue.
As we pointed out in discussing nipple piercings, even Susan Weaver, who was then president of AANR, had her nipples pierced. Despite this, AANR has not taken a stance against clubs that would bar entry based on nipple or body jewelry. Even if your club is a 100% AANR club, they could have a policy that would technically exclude an AANR president from seeing (though to my knowledge, no club ever told Susan that she couldn’t visit, even if they had a rule against nipple jewelry).
I haven’t come across any club or resort that still has a policy forbidding nipple jewelry. (If you know of one please share in the comments.) But the problem of body jewelry policies does not stop at nipples. Rock Lodge, along with numerous other naturist clubs, still has a rule against genital jewelry. This bothers us, for the exact same motives as the nipple piercings.
Those who are against genital decoration argue that folks are making nudism sexual by having their genitalia pierced, and that they’re doing something wrong by drawing attention to that body part.
Let us explain why this makes no sense. The primary tenet of naturism is the human body can be sexual or not, determined by the context. When folks are naked collectively in a naturist setting, the genitals are no more sexual, “dirty” or black as opposed to belly or elbow.
People are sexual beings, and of course, being naked does not prevent anyone from thinking sexual thoughts about others. Consequently, it becomes quite clear that your largest sex organ is really one that you just can not see your BRAIN.
When it comes to the human body and sexuality, it is about context. There is a time and place for everything.
So it would go that genital jewelry can merely be equally as innocent as pierced ears or a pierced belly button. Or on the flip side, earrings are just like sexual as genital jewelry. You’ll find definitely people who get sexual pleasure from their piercings, in private, behind closed doors. Unless a person is treating their jewelry like a sex toy in public, there’s really no reason why they should not be permitted to join a nudist setting.
As for how it attracts attention to the wrong area, well 1. By saying that, aren’t we treating the genitals like some taboo body part in the same way that society at large does? 2. I will say from experience that unless someone has decorated their crotch like a Christmas tree, nobody seems to have any trouble with staring. You look or you glance at it, just like you’d at a necklace, then you return back to taking a look at the individual’s face.

These anti-piercing arguments were even more troubling when it came to nipples, which are not sex organs. The primary function of female breasts / nipples would be to feed babies. Some individuals, of all genders, do get sexual pleasure from their nipples in a sexual context. The same as some people get sexual pleasure from their ears, but we do not prohibit piercings on them.
The other argument against piercings has to do with the notion they’re unsuitable in family settings where children are present. But the problem here constantly falls on the shoulders of who are often afraid to deal with their youngsters’ innocent questions. (As a side rant to parents, please do not lie to your children or refuse them advice about their bodies. There’s this type of thing as age-appropriate answers. We have the Internet now. If you are unsure just how to answer a question, Google it or email someone who might have the info you seek.)
If your child points at a penis ring and says, What Is that? The reply is straightforward: It’s a piercing.” If the follow-up question is, “Why does he have it?” then the response should be something like, “because he believes it is pretty.
The issue of genital jewelry also came up in the context of San Francisco’s nudity prohibition. Some of the male naturists were wearing cock rings in public. As we noted in this article, a cock ring is normally worn on the base of the penis and is used for keeping erections, but can also just be worn for decoration. In that same post we also ran a poll on whether cock rings were too sexual to be worn in public, even if just worn as ornamentation.
Some 300 folks took the poll, and these were the results under. Nearly 70% said cock rings should be acceptable in public if they’re just worn as a piece of ornamental jewelry. A small percentage said they believed it should not be worn around kids.
Cock Ring FKK poll results
In the naturist world, opinions on body jewelry have definitely changed in the past few years. Like it or not, increasingly more individuals have nipple and genital jewelry, particularly young adults. Some clubs have shifted their policies from importance, as more visitors or members have showed up with body jewelry. Others, however, are holding onto their policies that look increasingly dated for 2015.
I’dn’t argue that a body piercing is vital to a person’s identity or an aspect of themselves that they can not alter – like race or sexual orientation. Piercings are removable to some extent but they’re a type of self-expression. We see this problem as a dent in the naturist doctrine. At least as far as accepting an individual as they are, in addition to recognizing that nudity doesn’t have to be sexual.
In the northeast, I Have found merely 2* naturist clubs that still prohibit genital jewelry: Berkshire Vista (MA) and Rock Lodge Club (NJ). (I’ve also found that many nudist clubs in the U.S. do not address piercings on their sites at all. I haven’t inquired with every club, but the ones I did contact said they were allowed.)
For clubs that do let jewelry, many establish that it must be distinct or inconspicuous. I believe this is reasonable. Nobody must walk around with large chains and bells on their genitalia.
Solair Nudist Resort in Connecticut is one co operative club in the northeast that recently changed their rules to allow blonde beach . We’ve been speaking to them about this policy for several years, and as a co op it took time to get enough votes to support it. It was shifted this past June and we applaud Solair for becoming a more inclusive, accepting club!
Not everyone was on board with their new policy, however. On a recent trip to Solair, we met one member who said he believed it went against family values. Regrettably he was not able to say how just.
In 2015, I believe the naturist community is prepared to be inclusive as it pertains to body jewelry. It’s time to better practice what we preach.
(*In fact there are 3 clubs that bar entry to people with genital jewelry if we count Cedar Waters Village in New Hampshire. Cedar Waters is a personal resort for heterosexual couples ONLY who do not need to hang out with gay people. They do not permit nipple or genital piercings or same-sex couples. You read that rightthey openly discriminate against homosexual people. In 2015.)
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