measures were taken to conceal the body. Modesty endured while shame towards sexual

Want and the human body existed. Girls hid their bodies by wearing multiple layers of
Clothes hiding everything but their faces. Gloves covered their hands except at
mealtime. Any sexual words or references about human or animal body parts were
prohibited. As one writer put it, ”Legs became limbs, chicken legs became dark meat, and
chicken breasts became white meat. ” 6 Medical professionals during the Victorian period
discouraged sexual pleasure for women, labeling them as unusual when these want
surfaced. So, the most desired girls were those who were freezing. Men, on the other

hand, weren’t told to hold back their sexual desires; instead they were cautioned about the
physical drain on their minds and bodies. Though men prided themselves on having the
“Appropriate wife,” high levels of prostitution and pornography existed. Victorian prudity was
also reflected in the treatment of the natives by the missionaries and European colonists.
Disregard for non-European cultures and demands for “natives” to conform to Victorian
standards by compelling them to wear clothes brought much humiliation to their society and
was a constant reminder of this cultures inferior heritage and status. Stuff from various
sources was assembled to make garments for the natives. Most of the time clothes was made
to make the natives appear ridiculous. Cover ups contained odd appearing chemise-like garments
worn until they actually fell apart due to the lack of knowledge, on photo nudism , around

the present day tendency of nudism.

Despite the Victorian era’ s limitations on displaying the body, social nudism
emerged during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, notably in Germany. According to
llfeld & Lauer, the early development of social nudism stressed healthy lifestyles, sports,
and the advantages of the sun in treating specific illnesses. Heinrich Pudor, referred to as the
”Father of Nudism,” organized the first modem naturist group called ”Nacktkultur,” which
means nude culture. He later wrote a novel titled The Cult of Nude expressing his views on
the favorable aspects of nudism. Pudor recommended nudity in athletics for both males and
females enabling them to renovate themselves both physically and spiritually. He referred to
nudity as aristocratic, and the demands for clothes representative of the common people.
He suggested that nations would decay without the liberty to express one’s view, either
positive or negative, towards nudism.8
Another nineteenth century writer, Richard Ungewitter, additionally researched the theme of
nudism Die Nacktheit, which depicted men, women, and children living nude in a society.
Numerous efforts to get his book published failed, forcing him to publish his works
privately. Paradoxically, his book was reissued several times in the modem age. Ungewitter
became very contentious in his writings saying the human body would reap the benefits of the

absence of clothes, particularly the heavy garments worn then. He proposed that
Seeing the naked body as sexual in nature wasn’t inescapable. Indeed, he asserted that
serious sexual offenses and infidelity would gradually decrease as more of the people
accepted his teachings about nudism. Obviously, his radical concepts were challenging for
the general people to accept. 9
Paul Zimmerman formed the world’ s first fkk resort in Germany in 1903, paving
the manner for the naturist colonies that would proliferate later in the century. The resort was
named “Freilichtpark,”which means “Free Light Park.” 10 Zimmerman’ s guests were
required to adhere to strict health rules which comprised abstaining from meat, booze, and
tobacco. A vigorous required two-hour exercise program was part of every guest’s daily
routine. Both young and old participated in activities including swimming, gymnastics, cycling,
and sunbathing. Zimmerman, like Ungewitter, was convinced that the consumption of meat
was not advantageous to the human diet. 11 Each guest dined on an abundance of healthy fiuits,
vegetables and tasty salads during their encounter at the park. The social guarantee of this
lifestyle led to the growth and spread of naturist colonies throughout Germany.
An important and influential group called the Wandervogels, also called the
migrating birds, contributed to greater acceptance of nudism. This group consisted of
teenagers, both male and female, who enjoyed swimming nude. For the most part, these

young adults were law abiding citizens who brought nudity into mainstream life.
result, more individuals became open minded about the nudist movement.

During the 1920’s, nudism took on a fresh name called Freikorperkultur (F.K.K.),
Significance free body culture. More books about nudism were being released bringing more
Recognition to the lifestyle. About free family nudism pics were recorded in Germany

Based on Johnson, Freilichtpark became world renowned. 14 Individuals from Europe