This project is all about heart and integrity. I’m not going to create content and publicise it around policies with which I basically disagree. I can’t state enough how opposed I would be to censoring these women’s bodies and censoring my owm work. I’ve been asked to put black bars over the nipples to ensure that other folks can share the work. No. Facebook is going to have to change at some stage, its policies are outdated and discriminatory.

What do you think of the CoppaFeel breast cancer awareness campaign? It is a little bit reminiscent of your project? Real photographs, girls talking about their breasts.. I was initially turned off by the phrase “cop a feel,” given the connotations, but seems like these girls are trying to take it back and use that phrase absolutely.
Yes, the Coppafeel campaign is really reminiscent of Naked Reality! I am certainly happy I started my work long before they did and that it was found before theirs, as I wouldn’t have wanted to follow Rankin! I enjoy the photos and I enjoy the effort. There are marked differences though. The interviews are in the center of my project whereas Coppafeel requested the women to use one word to describe their breasts. Our targets (social/artistic exploration of breasts versus encouraging breast knowledge) and the arrangements (novel versus ad campaign) mean the way folks will see and engage with the pictures have become different. It took me over a year to find the varied variety of girls I needed, whereas the Coppafeel campaign has a really different feel with, so far as I’ve seen, only young women. Like you, I don’t love the name Coppafeel, it has negative connotations for me, but I presume they’ve chosen it for their particular audience and it must be working for them.
What are your plans for the book after the Kickstarter is finished? Will you ever publish more? Shop it around again to publishers?
I am researching my choices at this time. At this stage I should have the ability to print extra copies but until the campaign is over I can’t plan precisely how many or how they’ll be made available. I’ll keep my website updated though. If anyone needs to own or gift the novel the safest choice is to pre order through Kickstarter.
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Author of Nudist Website. Cofounder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. After I’m not active eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun topics. I like comments, so plz leave a comment when you’ve got something to say! Nudist Videos by is Naturist or Voyeuristic? Nudist Videos – The Argument starts:
Naturist Mp4 – For people who mightn’t be comfortable with it, there is a web site called that cranks out “naturist” connected and what they deem to be accurate nudist videos. I tend to find very few websites that have high quality, precious video content concerning naturism and naturism. You’ll find tons of websites out there that post videos featuring nude folks, and while they might be called “naturist videos,” many of these sites offer very little (if any) truly participating or interesting nudie-associated content. Many are clearly only out to earn money with nude click bait and usually are not created to engage the naturist community.
Instead, they are really just attempting to cater to the hyper sexual whims of young college boys. So it is important to look critically at every nudist mp4 online. More often than not, a movie will be seen by non-naturists, and we always take into consideration how it will be perceived and what the purpose is. Does it equally signify sexes, ages, body types, races? Does naturist boner reveal the human body in a non-sexual manner? Every video has an intent. Could it be meant to introduce to other naturists? Can it be meant to be just amusement? Can it be meant to encourage others to attempt naturism? If so, does it actually achieve that target?
At FKK we are not thinking about encouraging content that’s barely about naturism and more about getting clicks and cash. Needless to say, with photos and naturist videos, whether they are actually “naturist” or not is very often up for debate. So with that in your mind, I would love to discuss a little conversation that was ignited in our Facebook group.

I expect the conversation is not going to be overly challenging to follow, and for the record, I removed the names of most of the individuals (to keep their privacy complete). An asterisk * signifies the name was changed. Additionally , I changed some of the dialog to help it become easier to follow here. There were many typos and a ton more opinions – I did my best to clean it up and get the point across.
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