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Felicity Discusses The Dick Pic Phenomenon
Dick Pics – Comedian Phoebe Robinson made a dick pic parody commercial, and it’s perfection! The premise is that Sears now offers penis photographyprofessional photo shoots to create your dick pic. As a plus, you may even have your penis reenact scenes from movies like Of Mice and Men.
The movie ends with the salesman saying, Thus call today, make an appointment and get the images your dick, and the girls you just know, deserve.
With the rise of the Internet, has come the rise of the cock pic (no pun meant). While I am certain guys have long enjoyed creating member selfie graphics, these days it is never been easier to shoot and share dick pics with anyone.
There’s truly nothing wrong with dick pictures in and of themselves. Sending you can be a healthy form of sexual expression and I don’t think a close up pic of a penis is obscene. Perhaps nothing demonstrates this better than a Tumblr website I discovered called Critique My Dick Pic. (http://critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com/)
The young woman that created Critique My Dick Pic, invites people to send in their own dick pics for her to grade. She’s not critiquing the real dick, though. She evaluates the artistic merits of the picture the angle, lighting, creativity, background, etc.
It is completely weird, but kind of great. I’m all for helping men take better penis pics because most of the ones I get are really poor, artistically speaking.
She is also quite body-favorable about it (“no size shaming”) and tries to make it diverse with people of color and trans* folk.
Penis Shooting a Selfie – A Dick Pic!
In an interview on salon.com, the originator is asked about the worst dick pic she is ever personally gotten. She responds:
Every dick pic I’ve ever had thrust at me unsolicited is the worst dick pic I’ve ever gotten. It is f*cking obnoxious, and a few men do it all the time. I do not care how incredible your cock is, guy, if I haven’t accepted to see it I ‘ll be nothing but unimpressed.
And so we reach the difficulty with the dick pic – it’s frequently an unsolicited photograph sent to strangers. As a non-consensual action, this type of sexual harassment and male aggression has become a widespread phenomenon. Through social networks, dating websites and certain mobile programs, we have learned only how common it is for guys to engage in this sort of lewd behavior.
I’ve received such photographs on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I really wish I could un-see some of them (I will not go into detail, but some were more than just an erect manhood.). Jordan has also received them on Facebook , therefore I understand this happens to guys, too. But based on the sum of sexual harassment girls deal with online, I am willing to bet this happens to women more than men.
A brand new Pew Research study of online harassment found that girls are disproportionately affected by on-line sexual harassment 25% of young women ages 18-24 reported experiencing it.
What is the driving force behind the dick pic phenomenon?
The on-line sex research compiled by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam in the publication,A Billion Wicked Thoughts, may shed some light on this common male behavior.
As we mentioned in our article on penises, they found that when it comes to online pornography, men seek out images of dick nearly as much as vulvas. This really is regardless of sexual orientation. So if members are only as much of a sexual cue as vulvas, it’d make sense for guys to desire to photograph, look at, and share their own “gear”.
In this salon.com article (http://www.salon.com/2011/06/02/crotch_shot/), Ogas is quoted saying:
Guys who send off penis photos probably are not thinking at all, they’re reacting to an unconscious, evolutionary urge likely inherited from our primate ancestors: male monkeys and apes normally exhibit their dick (usually erect) to females to signal sexual interest.
So in evolutionary terms, the cock pic guys are basically acting like monkeys.
Others theorize that men send dick pics because they incorrectly think women share exactly the same visual signals as them. So if guys are turned on by genitalia, they think women must want to see theirs, also. And why hit on her with words when you can merely send a dick pic?
In reality it seems many women are disgusted, amused or bored (if the sender is non-threatening) upon seeing a random member picture. Are there women who enjoy dick pics? Sure, absolutely. But I’m still going to go with the idea that guys mostly send penis pics for his or her own satisfaction and enjoyment and not with a woman’s sexual desires in head (unless the woman has actually asked for them).
It should be noted that sending dick pictures is definitely not a nudist pastime. Anyone sending them is acting out of a sexual or exhibitionist instinct, not because they are a nudist (or claim to be).

Naturism looks to attract exhibitionists, but a distinction must be drawn between the two. Exhibitionists expose themselves to http://macdotool.com for their own sexual gratification. Naturism is about nonsexual societal nudity. Anyone who drives their dick pics or naked photos on others, just isn’t welcome at FKK or in nudist settings.
What I hope we have learned here is that there’s nothing wrong with sending photos of http://termx.net to accepting people. This can be quite a healthy form of sexual expression or as demonstrated by the website, artistic self expression. Unsolicited dick pics, however, are most unwanted and represent harassment. Perhaps society will evolve to the point where the manhood will not be so taboo, and individuals can learn to simply share dick pics in a healthy, consensual manner.
We are not monkeys, after all.
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