Owners Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner have had this Chelsea studio for eight years, and then two years ago they began offering naked yoga courses to guys. Now there are co-ed types together with male-only and female-only classes.

To sign up, you should complete a first-time registration form indicating your fitness level and experience with yoga. Subsequently they will contact you to discuss classes. I was concerned initially, reading this form because it seemed to suggest that larger, non-fit folks aren’t welcome.
But I contacted Monika, who assured me that they are just looking to understand the student’s fitness level and their reason behind doing yoga in order to put them in the appropriate course. (They should probably still revise the form to more accurately depict themselves.)
Daring and Naked Yoga Courses – The yoga is Vinyasa fashion. For beginners they offer a special series of courses to attend first before trying the regular courses. I haven’t attended a class myself, but here is a movie below to get an inside look at the studio. You can even check out this Daily Mail article and a first-hand account from an attendee on Bedford Bowery entitled, That Time I Tried Naked Yoga.
On the Bold & Naked site, they talk about it creating more self awareness, but in addition they emphasize how it can help with body image. From their FAQ’s:
Our society is driven by an unrealistic ideal of physical beauty, which can fuel a range of insecurity and self-doubt. One of the reasons Bold & Naked is offering naked yoga class is to help you gain self-confidence by accepting and loving your own body as it’s. It can be an extremely therapeutic experience.
Bold & http://nudismphotos.net/posts/a-couple-of-years-ago-on-a-hot-july-day-i-decided-to-skip-a-day-off-work-and-go-as-a-day-visitor-to-a-nudist-club-near-to-where-i-was-working/ is at 163 W. 23rd St
Price: $25 per group (bundles also available)
Notice which their types are age 21
Check their site for the class schedule and to register for a class.
Nude York Yoga – Naked Yoga For Guys Just
This really is a guys-only studio I just found out about from among our subscribers – Naked York Yoga. According to their site they have been around since 2011. They’ve a weekly program of courses that focus on Asanas, partner yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and mantras. http://nudismphotos.net/posts/a-day-visitor-to-a-nudist-club-near-to-where-i-was-working/ aim to supply a ruling-free zone and welcome men of most fitness levels and expertise. In addition to classes, they also organize weekend yoga retreats in upstate NY.
From their website: “Drawing on the Tantric and Iyengar yoga traditions, Bare York Yoga supplies the space for you yourself to grow your practice and start to break through the deeply rooted patterns that hold you back from blossoming in all facets of your life.”
Unclothed York Yoga: 112 W. 27th St
For guys only
Cost: $20 per class, $5 for mat rental
Visit http://www.nudeyorkyoga.com for course schedule and more info
Cindee Rifkin
**2015 Update**: Cindee has discontinued her weekly naked yoga course in NYC in 2015, but she still sometimes coordinates other events and assemblies.
Cindee Rifkinoffers a weekly coed naked yoga class in midtown on Wednesday nights. Her course is quite popular, so you have to contact her to allow a place ahead of time. In general with yoga classes, you never know who is going to be in course, but Cindee even offers a dedicated following of regular pupils. Unfortunately, we just got notice that Cindee will shortly be taking a hiatus from her naked yoga courses! She’ll be transitioning to doing monthly workshops instead, concerning “food, truth-speak, concentrated pinnacle asana, pranayama” and more.
What to expect:I ‘ve attended among her courses in the town, when it was in a smaller studio, with about 8-10 people. It was even mix of sexes and a really cozy environment. Cindee starts off by asking each individual what their target is for the class or what they’d like to work with. Everyone gets undressed at exactly the same time. The style of yoga is most like Vinyasa, and Cindee directs the class through different poses. There’s no set routine, and it is different every time. She is talkative and chatters throughout the course, giving lots of guidance, focusing your attention and offering techniques for calming your own brain yak. Her class is meant to be for students of all levels, so don’t be shy if you have never done yoga before!
Cindee’s yoga doctrine is about leading pupils inward to find calmness and happiness within, instead of seeking it from the outside world. You can learn more about her perspectives on naked yoga and how she started teaching it in her interview on the Naturist Living Show podcast, Bare Yoga (Cindee’s interview starts around minute 12) :
Cindee’s class takes place at 135 W. 29th Street, between 6th and 7th ave.
When: 7:45 9:15 pm, Wednesdays. Last two classes will be April 9th and 16th, 2014.
Cost: Opening class is $25 and $30 per course afterward, or 5 classes for $135.