Issues Pertaining to Nudism And The Cell Phone

Naturism And The Cell Phone – Why? Because my campground is thinking about developing a new cell phone policy. I must confess that my first reaction to hearing discussion about this was frustration and annoyance because the policies are usually created because of folks demonizing the cell phone.
In these past few days in which discussions about cell phones at nudist resortshas been very common throughout the naturist world, I am now very, very pleased with my naturist campground for thinking about a cell phone policy. Because we are among the first clubs to really THINK about and discuss the policy. I am all for thinking! Yay to my camp!!!!!
The discussions this past few days has caused me to think, too. I’ll share below some of the new thoughts that have grown to be obvious to me:
Nudism And The Cell Phone
1) This isn’t completely an age problem as I originally believed. I am learning that many mature adults love their cell phones just as much as I (and other young people) do! Yay elderly folks!!!
2) It seems the cell phone and other technology will be blamed for people’s poor behaviour. A cell phone does not take pictures by itself thus, instead of contemplating a policy for cell phones (and Nooks and Kindles and all sorts of other things) perhaps it would be wiser to talk about the picture-taking policy and the consequences of not following it. I hadn’t really thought about this, but it actually does make sense.
3) There seems to be an alternative standard for club attendees and service people at the clubs. Why are members and day visitors more questionable than service providers? This really is interested if you ask me.
4) One friend pointed out that we can prohibit all cell phones and electronic books and iPads and the list continues, but, truly, if nudist competition are a true bad guy who wants images of nude folks, all you must do is drive down to Walmart and purchase a pencil with a camera and videocamera built-in to it. Pens aren’t prohibited, right?
5) In thinking about the population at a nudist camp, it’s almost amusing that people are so worried about pictures in the first place. Most nudist camps have a high ratio of old people (seniors and such) and additionally they have the same high percent of individuals who are overweight and such. Yes, we’re taking of every body and we love ourselves regardless of what the external world thinks of us, but, well, are nude photos of granny and grandpa or those with imperfect bodies (we don’t have any airbrushes here at camp! lol) really in that high of a demand? I do not say to be rude, it’s just a thought to contemplate.
So, no solution has yet been found. But that’s acceptable because people are referring to the topic, thinking about it, and examining it. That, my friends, is the start of common sense prevailing with this issue. And is not common sense the best answer, anyhow?
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