Gender Identity and Transgender People

Understanding Gender Identity
At last, the “T” in LGBT is gaining visibility. You may have found that transgender issues have been more prominently featured in the news lately, most notably with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). This bill is being voted on and would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
ENDA has not been voted on since 1996, and it now includes transgender people. It’s lately passed the Senate, but there is this dick named John Boehner who thinks the bill is unnecessary.
Despite advancements in laws and raising endorsement, transgender people nowadays still face widespread discrimination, bullying, hate, phobia and many other problems. FKK has come out and stated that we will not support any nudist club or resort that discriminates against trans* people. But we also believe in education as a means of encouraging tolerance and recognition.
Comprehension: Gender Identity
It seems as though there’s still an overall lack of understanding around what transgender means and sex itself. As social activist Sam Killerman says, “Gender is among those things everyone believes they understand, but most individuals don’t.”
If, like me, you’ve been confused by many of the old and new terms associated with gender, you’ve arrived at the correct area. In the following article I’ll try to explain the basics of gender, gender identity and also sexual orientation. It’s also wise to read this should youn’t need to get found asking idiotic and offensive questions of a transgender man.
Let’s begin with a very important distinction: sex ( !) vs gender. Ascertaining one’s sex is generally fairly clear-cut, based on whether there’s a dick or a vulva.
Sex is psychological – it’s in the mind. Sex is a much more comprehensive term that defines male and female based on certain features, not limited to sex, for example appearance and conduct. Sex is commonly seen as binary, meaning man or girl with nothing in between.
gender identity transgender trans*
That is like seeing gender as black and white, when it is actually more like a spectrum of shades. Most people aren’t 100% masculine or female, but have features of both (which is also referred to androgyny).
Gender identity is a person’s own awareness in their sex. It’s based on how they feel or see themselves. There’s also a term called gender saying, which will be how a person expresses their sex to others, usually through clothes, behaviour, hairdo, appearance etc.
In the nudie world, biological sex is usually obvious, but gender or gender identity, being psychological, isn’t always apparent. A person may have a dick, but not identify as a man. With clothes being absent, we might look at hairstyle, body hair, jewelry, mannerisms and behaviour in attempt to figure out someone’s gender.
In the fabric world, the genitals are concealed from view. So we rely on other societal cuesstyle of clothing, facial hair, name, voice, etc to ascertain gender. suppose that you can not tell? First, a few more essential terms
What Is Intersex:
Intersexrefers to a individual who is genetically undefinable as male or female. Sex chromosomes are chiefly XY for male and XX for female. An intersex person’s chromosomes don’t follow these patterns. Some (but not all) intersex folks are born with ambiguous genitals. (Note: hermaphrodite is an old term for intersex, now considered offensive to use.)
Cisgender is someone whose gender identity matches their biological sex, or the sex which was assigned to them at birth. Ex: a man who’s born with boy parts, feels like a lad and presents themselves as masculine.
One definition is someone whose gender identity does not fit their sex. As a more general term, it’s also understood to be an equivalent to trans* (see below) ie, anyone who’s not cisgender.
They don’t identify as completely male or female, but perhaps as a blend of sexes, or may even devise their own terms.
What Does Transsexual Mean:
Transsexualis someone whose gender identity is the reverse of their biological sex, as assigned at birth. They may experience operation or treatment to alter their anatomy or body so that it aligns with their gender identity. Ex: a person born with female anatomy, but who identifies as a man.
What Does Trans* Mean:
Trans*: The asterisk isn’t for a footnote, but part of the word! Trans* essentially refers to anyone who is not cisgender. That includes transgender, genderqueer, transsexual, cross dressers, and others. (Note: Intersex is not currently classified under trans*. Nevertheless these terms aren’t mutually exlusive, as an intersex person mayidentify as trans* or transgender. But it’d be false to say every one of them are trans*.)
Being transgender isn’t a mental illness, nor a consequence of nature “making a mistake.” It truly is simply an all-natural variation in gender. It’s generally been referred to as gender identity disorder” in the medical field. Nevertheless this label was controversial because it describes a person’s individuality as a disorder needing to be treated. So the new term is gender dysphoria.
How many transgender individuals are there? The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) says, We don’t know for sure the answer to this question. There are quite a few reasons for that. First, there actually is not anyone collecting this data. It is not something that the US Census or other bureaus keep track of.
Second, many transgender people are not public about their identities, so they mightn’t tell anyone about it. NCTE estimates that between 0.25 and 1% of the inhabitants is transsexual. One scholarly online report examines several surveys and estimates .3% of the U.S. citizenry is transgender, which means about 697,000 people. According to a Rolling Stone article, gender dysphoria is believed to affect as many as 1 in 10,000 people.
Gender Shades – Is Pink for Girls and Bluefor Lads?
Perhaps you have ever wrongly reckoned the sex of someone else’s baby? Why are we still magically assumed to know?
Why could it be a faux pas to figure wrong? As a society we seem to be rather preoccupied with the gender binary. nudists -only bathrooms and male-only bathrooms. Women can wear clothing, boys cannot. But these are all devised rules.
Franklin Roosevelt wearing a dress as a young lad, circa 1880’s. Believe it or not, it was common for centuries to dress young boys & girls in white dresses. It was considered gender-neutral clothes.
It’s important to understand that gender is a social construct. Most of us form our gender identity through societal conditioning and also figuring out our own tastes. But then there are those who do not fit neatly into the girl and lad boxes presented to them.
And this should be anticipated, given how inflexible our system is in American culture and how varied and complicated we’re as human beings. Sex variability happens through the entire world, plus some cultures have long adopted this.


I managed to lie down,

Striving my knee joints in order to be as decorous as possible. Eventually I
got a bit bored and a little more adventuresome, and decided to get in the hot tub
and attempt having a conversation with an entire stranger while naked. The young
man, I reasoned afterwards, was either a gigolo-in-training or had missed his
calling. He was gentle and good natured, low key, discretely alert to my
awkwardness and the chance to to help. The nicest thing he did was illustrate
that it was really ok to bend over. He declared that the hot tub was too hot,
Got some pails and dipped water from the pool to cool it, while readily
bending, squatting or stooping as necessary. Which that two-year old in the
playgound knew and I had entirely forgotten. The second nicest thing he did
was give me my first massage after which let me reciprocate. Without a touch of
sexual invitation. He let me be in control of what he saw was my first naturist
Encounter, and by automatically following my own inclinations without censure,
it was nothing less than just what I desired.
The entire weekend was as
delightful and all-around-knowledge-building as that first afternoon. I can’t
say it was simply mind-opening, because it was much more than conscious
awareness that was expanded. I wish I’d kept a diary. As it was, I managed
for a full massage class. During this time I was absolutely and exclusively
physical and social. I used ton’t read natutist milf photos . I didn’t see a computer or a TV. I
did dishes for fun. I slept on the floor in a large hall with 30 other snoring,
farting people, and I slept like a baby.
day five days a week under supervision and tried nights and weekends,
with feathers and beards! And we played. In the sun, on the lawn, between the
We loved and
laughed as children do before they learn panic. I played as if I hadn’t ever understood
Anxiety. I relearned trust and unlearned the differences between women and men and
boys and girls. I also cried and grieved and others wept with me. And every
tear of grief was joyous and beautiful. To cry for passing is to weep for life. I
had been grieving for passing before I knew what it was to be totally living. Maybe
because of that.
Among the folks I played
with, on a deeper and more intimate degree, was Chuck, home nudist videos married three
weeks later (yes, weeks), and have been married to for over fourteen years. We
spend every winter with other nude people since he retired.
associated with Getting In Touch, which was a truly remarkable location. But we do
I still write computer programs, but only for entertaining, and I now
read doctrine with exactly the same focus I once gave to technical guides.
I guess it all began as a kid,
although I wasn’t aware of it at that time.
I knew nothing of nudism then, but I do understand that I loved to take my clothing
of in open spaces,
and around the house when nobody was in.
I was educated nudity is WRONG except in private, ie. bathroom or
bedroom with the door shut.
I used to
live on the outskirts of a town on the south shore of England, behind our house
was open fields,
and common land covered with various bushes and ferns, there was also a stream
and an old disused
clay quarry which had many lakes and pools.
It was here
that I first experience the feel of the sunlight, wind and rain on my nude body, and
Yes I understand we have all been there, the skinny dipping crowd, but it wasn’t only
that for me.
Appreciate nudity,
not for a laugh, but because I believed it was right. I ‘d lay there and enjoy
standing in the stream or sitting in it and feeling the cool water flowing
around my body.
I’d only sit and watch as other creatures moved around in the bushes and open
or I’d go running through the ferns, increase trees.
I would have the opportunity to camp out over night, what fun that was, and if I was
on my own it was better,
I’d lay in the open by a camp fire naked, and on a clear night just look up
at the stars, how lovely it felt,
the heat from the dancing flames of the fire, on my naked body, only to be
cooled by the strange breeze of wind.
When I started to write
this page I realized that it really had nothing to do with Nudism/Nudism,
but there again it is a part of my life, and part of the process by which I
became a Naturist.
So if you think it has no place here then I can just apologies as I believe it
As I entered my mid-teens I discovered that other distractions took me away from my
earlier pastimes.
Leaving school and finding work, and beginning to get involved in other teen
activities, i.e. clubs, drink, girls,
and of course the dreaded word sex.
the change in lifestyle,

Nudity should at no time be a crime or an offence. Nudity came first and we’re all born nude. There’s a strange taboo about walking around naked outside being offensive that society propagates, yet it harms no one. There is a difference between loving being nude and being an exhibitionist.

Picture titled Go Outside Nude Step 11
Beware of and legal implications. Being naked in public is a crime in many places; not or whether you agree with taboo and this specific law, going outside naked may land you in trouble, or at least may make those around you very uneasy. Know that going into only, and your experience experiment with public nudity in case you are willing to take whatever consequences come your way.

Picture titled Go Outside Nude Step 22
To start off only normally walk naked around your property, with curtains open; you have not hurt anyone and in most areas this isn’t a ‘crime’ (but check local laws).
Image titled Go Outside Nude Measure 33
Proceed to . Maybe you can visit a nudist camp for a day where everyone is naked, or lounge on a topless or nude beach for the day ( in case there are any in your region). Finding like-minded people can help you become comfortable with the concept of nudism.
Image titled Go Outside Nude Measure 44
Try going outside. Unless you actually are absolutely comfortable with that, you don’t have to go completely nude.
Image titled Go Outside Nude Measure 55
Go not out completely clothed in all of your glory. You’ve got every right to walk around naked as delegated at birth even if the establishment and a lot of people differ. Start during nighttime hours to prevent way too many public repercussions.
Picture titled Go Outside Naked Step 66
Just decide your sites and activities carefully, considering you’re lacking clothes; being naked can make your body more vulnerable to damage and cold, and can obviously land you in legal problem or socially embarrassing positions, based on where you are.

Naked In The Army Was My First Experience With Public

How I Got Naked In The Military and For My Country No Less!
( Guest Website By Anon )

Being nude for the very first time in front of another person can be rather traumatic depending on how or why it occurs, and this is my story:
Joining the Army –
When I finished high school I joined the military so that I could get college financing. I understood there was going to be a physical examination, but I really did not know I would have to be completely naked in front of anyone. I had never had to do this before and even though I was 19, I’d never been examined like that by a physician, especially a male physician!
Military Nudes – was taken into the examination room and told to get undressed. The doctor did not actually have good bedside manner either and seemed like he was merely in a huge rush to get done, which I imagine he likely was since he had to do things like this all day. He did not actually notice that I was nervous, humiliated and frightened to death and I doubt he even cared!
Things Get Militarily Physical
The physician poked and prodded like do and then determined to do a pelvic exam. It was in the 70s and today the military does not do these humiliating pelvic exams. I didn’t like it at all even though it was over pretty fast and he was blowing off me to get dressed and saying I was finished.
So, my first social nudity experience (when you can call it that) with others was not enjoyable at all and was really humiliating and distressing. I do not believe it made me hate being nude or even turned me away from attempting nudism, but it was rather shocking for a girl from a small town who was merely trying to join the military to get a college education. I ‘d to get over it because I would additionally need to shower with a group of other girls all at once, but that was nothing compared to this!
Nowadays getting naked in front of a physician is no big deal, but I still occasionally think about that afraid adolescent girl who did not actually know what was going on when I joined the army and got completely nude in the military examination.
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Breast size and Their Affect On A Girl’s Body Image

(By Melissa Dejanude)
Breast Size and Self Esteem Problems For Girls:
Breast Size and Self-Esteem – It wasn’t that I didn’t have female friends, I was just a tomboy who favored the ruff-and-tumble style of play that I could participate in with lads. It wasn’t until one fateful day in the fifth grade that I started to reevaluate my choice of playmates.
I was sitting at my desk, when an organization of male classmates informed me that I ‘d won first place in a survey that determined which of the girls in class had the biggest breasts. I promptly started to feel a sense of distress in understanding that the people who I considered to be my buddies were actually looking at me as a sexual object.

As most girls in my personal class could not wait until their budding breasts peaked, I, on the other hand, cannot wait for mine to cease growing. But my breasts never went away and I was made even more conscious of them after other ladies began making remarks. and Self Esteem
I finally came to the awareness that there was nothing that I could do about my breasts or breast size, at the conclusion of junior high. Once I entered , I became surrounded by mature girls with substantially more developed figures. Suddenly I was no longer faced with the issue of being the only top heavy girl on campus, but then a fresh dilemma surfaced: I felt underdeveloped.
In comparison to seventeen year old young women, a fourteen year old’s body pales in comparison. I felt a feeling of insecurity and inadequacy when I looked at them, and that did not feel any better than what I felt before.
As my body continued to alter and standard levels above me eventually moved on, I was again put in a familiar position: the large breasted girl on campus. Although it wasn’t a new experience, it was still distressing to comprehend that folks no longer saw me for me; they only saw what was on the exterior.
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Kim Kardashian and Fat Shaming Celebrities

Fat Shaming Stars needs to Cease – Fat Shaming in General Needs to Stop!
Fat Shaming Celebrities – Our society continues to place a large focus on weight and the value of a “healthy” body.
Each year, a heightened inspection continues to be placed on stars whose every pound is examined and critiqued any time their weight fluctuates.
They may be slandered in the tabloids any time their bones are revealing, yet bashed when they gain a little pudge on the abdomen.
Some of the latest celebs who has been criticized for her weight gain is Kim Kardashian.
Perhaps her reputation is being scrutinized more closely now because of her minute-long union that ended in divorce.
Since Kim Kardashian split with Kris Humphries, many people have assumed she is simply trying to acquire more star standing. Gossip aside, the bottom line is that people are being cruel and mocking a pregnant woman for gaining weight.
Fat Shaming Stars
Like her or not, Kim Kardashian is a pregnant lady and deserves to be handled with some human decency!
Kim Kardashian Pregnant
Fat Shaming CelebrityChristina Aguilera:
Another star who has lately gained weight and made headlines for it is Christina Aguilera. In her teens and early 20’s, she was known for having a slick body that was fit and youthful.
Now, she’s been talked about severely for seeming heavier with a rounder face on The Voice. The more she’s defended herself, the more criticism she’s gained.
Fat Shaming CelebrityMelissa McCarthy:
Finally, another famous star whose weight and body image are a hot topic in Hollywood is Melissa McCarthy, who appeared in Bridesmaids.
She apparently takes it all in stride, saying she often eats healthy and exercises, but can not discard the weight.
Melissa McCarthy Fat Shaming
Fat Celebrity Shaming
Stars must cope with public opinions on a daily basis. Many decide to lose the weight to get “better” attention. Others keep it on and try and ignore the critics.
But what do these three individuals have in common? They are all women. Without a doubt, girls receive the majority of criticism when it comes to look.
But female celebs’ bodies are certainly treated that way constantly.
It’s unfortunate that, as a society, appearances are more significant to us than an individual’s style. As Steinem also remarked, “Criticizing people’s bodies devalues both their brains and ours.”
It seems as if the more a celeb is disliked for their personality, the more their weight is analyzed. This may make them more of an easy target for bullying. can do is continue to fight the good fight. We make an effort to reverse people’s natural tendencies to judge on appearance. But society can be unkind, and have this need to put down others so that they can feel better about themselves.
Although it’s a sad reality and on occasion, totally disgusting, celebs must understand that it comes with the bundle.
What can you do? Speak out against this kind of fat shaming as much as possible.
And don’t buy tabloids. They may be just printing what they believe will sell magazines. So just do not use up it!
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Recap of Good Times with the Young Naturists at Sunny Rest Nudist Resort

Sunny Rest Visit May 17-19, 2013
Guest website by: Todd Quigley
Once I checked in at the Sunny Rest office, I parked the car and headed around to the restaurant hoping to find some of the FKK folks. Sure enough, I found them eating dinner outside the eatery seated poolside. I pulled up a seat and had dinner. The food was good and the cost wasn’t bad. We spent quite some time just chatting, catching up with each other.
The hot tub is in the recently renovated barn combined with the bar, pool table, and night club. There’s a glass wall dividing the hot tub from the pool table and bar area that’s nice as it keeps the volume down in the hot tub area. I sat myself down and instantly felt relaxed! I and several others sat in the bathtub and conversed for a couple of hours.
We hung out at his trailer for a bit and chatted. Sadly, my energy level was falling and I needed to head back to my motel.
Sunny Rest
I woke up the next morning, showered, and headed back over to Sunny Rest. I stopped in at the restaurant for breakfast while awaiting the other FKK’ers to get up! After a delicious veggie omelet, home fries, and toast, a number of the group came down to breakfast. Again, we had some great conversation! This morning was a entertaining naked yoga class with Phyllis up in the Night Club. Next, an excellent hike through some trails on Sunny Rest’s large property.
We then decided to reach the dialog pool for some time although it was drizzling. It turned out great! The light mist joined with the warm pool felt fantastic. A few from the group went over to the poolside bar and signed through to the karaoke list. Eventually several of our members had their opportunity! Everyone from our group seemed fantastic. A few of the regulars were fairly good also.
After another satisfying meal at the restaurant, I headed up to one of the FKK member’s room with 3 others. At 9pm we got together around a bonfire. One of the guys started telling lots of jokes. He must have memorized 1,000 of them! He was a good time to listen to.
Sunny Rest’s New Night Club
Late that evening was the grand opening of the newly renovated night club with free wine and cheese. Since I am never one to turn down free cheese, I headed over with a couple others to check out. About 90 percent of the people there wore regular night club clothing. The other 10 percent wore considerably less than would be let at a non-naturist night club – some were even nude! There was much fun to be had dancing and talking! Again, age got the best of me and I headed back to the motel at about 12:00 AM.
Sunny Rest Nudist Resort FKK Weekend Day 3
I am glad I did because I got to see several buddies before they headed out. We said our good-byes, and made plans to keep in touch! After another breakfast and some folks left, I went to the hot tub. got to spend time conversing with a couple people who were still about. This is my favorite part – all the friendly people to talk to!
A little later I went to acquire some lunch. Again I ran into a few FKK’ers and some others we met the day before. We chatted at lunch, and the couple we met before appeared most interested in learning more about FKK and needed to join up! Later, nearly everyone had left.
I decided to take a dip in the hot tub one more time. Again, a couple folks were still about to chat with. Eventually I ‘d to get out and prepare yourself to leave. But not before a tasty pulled pork BBQ sandwich at the pub with some new buddies!
Eventually I said my goodbyes and headed back home. I always wish I could remain forever, leaving is the toughest part!
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